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One of the reasons entrepreneurs form corporations and limited liability companies is to protect themselves from liability. If your company is sued and you lose, your corporate shield is designed to protect you from personal liability. Unfortunately, there may be situations where your personal assets may be at risk.

If your company is facing a lawsuit, the lawyers at Slinde Nelson will evaluate your personal exposure and take immediate steps to protect your rights. We have extensive experience in the risks facing corporate directors, officers and managers. Our attorneys have founded and run businesses of their own, giving them firsthand knowledge of the needs of business owners in Washington.

Our lawyers defend business owners and managers against lawsuits brought by customers, competitors, vendors and employees in Washington.

Proactive Defense against Lawsuits

Business directors, officers and managers face difficult decisions every day, sometimes multiple times a day. They make the tough calls for the benefit of shareholders, other owners and employees. Certain laws protect directors and decision-makers from personal liability for those decisions made in good faith.

Business directors, officers and managers who are sued have several defenses available to them. One is the legal doctrine of the corporate shield provided by the corporation or LLC. Another is the business judgment rule, which gives broad discretion and decision-making power to those running a company.

Our lawyers will mount an early and proactive defense, uncovering and testing the claims of the other side. We take targeted, early steps to compel the other side to shows us any facts they may have that show you should not be protected by the business judgment and limited liability rules. By taking a proactive approach, we are often able to put an early end to the case. Once our attorneys can show that you are not personally liable, the other side may be willing to agree to a settlement.

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