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Portland Technology Law Attorney

When we launched our business law venture in 2005, we thought our emphasis would be on technology. We had experience in the field and knowledge we knew would benefit our clients.

Great idea, bad timing.

Technology wasn't exactly in hyper-growth at that time, but our passion didn't wane, and today the Tech Section of Slinde Nelson is stronger than ever.

Our attorneys have reviewed, drafted and negotiated perhaps thousands of technology agreements. We apply best practices to tech deals with a pragmatic, hands-on and cooperative approach.

Technology agreements are frequently complex commercial transactions, requiring a multitude of supporting documentation and attachments such as Statements of Work (SOWs), pricing, warranty, maintenance, escalation process, acceptance testing procedures, collocation or hosting, equipment leasing, policies and procedures.

With the entrepreneur's legal budget in mind we start with proven templates. Here are a few examples of the types of contracts we've customized on behalf of our clients.

  • Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements
  • Non-circumvention Agreements
  • Intellectual Property Licensing
  • Ecommerce Agreements, Policies, and Back-End Licensing
  • Software Licensing
  • Content Licensing
  • Turnkey Agreements for the provision of hardware, software and services
  • Systems Integration Agreements
  • Equipment Collocation Agreements
  • Equipment Leasing Agreements
  • Hosting Agreements
  • Software Development and Software Customization Agreements
  • Website Development Agreements
  • Application Service Provider (ASP) Agreements
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) Agreements
  • Content Licenses
  • Technology Sales Agreements
  • Software Maintenance Agreements
  • Patent Assignments
  • Trademark Assignments
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Reseller Agreements
  • Marketing Agreements
  • Software Escrow Agreements
  • Hardware Sales Agreements
  • Service Agreements
  • Consulting Agreements
  • Outsourcing Agreements
  • Strategic Alliance Agreements
  • Website Agreements
  • Privacy Policies
  • End User License Agreements (EULA)
  • Employment Contracts
  • Systems Integrations Agreements
  • Acceptable Use Agreements and Policies
  • Proposals, RFP Responses
  • Statements of Work (SOWs)
  • Acceptance Tests
  • OEM/VAR Agreements

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