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Business formation issues are one of the many legal services to which our clients prefer to apply a flat-fee billing arrangement.

We choose the type of entity your business or corporation will become, usually in concert with your CPA. We file the proper paperwork with the appropriate government office. Promptly. And then we follow up annually to inquire whether you require help with your annual meeting or consent resolutions.

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But it's still a process in which you need to take an active role. The most important decision you can make, is choosing the roster of your professional team. Yes, you need a lawyer. But you also need a good CPA and a good banker, too. And we can provide as many candidate names as you like.

Each of your team members will play a vital role. It's imperative that they understand the goals of your organization and the nature of the industry in which you must compete.

At Slinde Nelson, we charge a flat fee for business formation that depends on the size and type of your organization. We do this so you can budget for costs. We understand what it's like to run a business (we've done it ourselves) and what it's like to need an attorney. We'd rather be a help than a hindrance.

Let Your Business Lawyer Explain the Technical Stuff

We've answered many questions to explain the difference between an S Corp, a C Corp, an LLC and any of a number of potential corporate and business formations. There are too many variables to explain on this website, but if you're curious, you can try Google and type "business entity." Note to reader: Beware of false information on the Internet. We've read plenty of statements describing entity distinctions that are incomplete, contradictory or just simply wrong.

What's important to understand is that each type of entity has its own advantages, restrictions and tax ramifications.

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