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A business' greatest asset is usually its employees. Those same employees can also become the business' biggest problem when things go wrong.

At Slinde Nelson, we offer innovative employment solutions to Portland and Vancouver businesses with your bottom line in mind, not ours. The best solution is the one that allows a business to get back to the business of conducting business, quickly and cheaply.

How do we get you there? The best way to deal with potential employee disputes is to avoid them. Whether it is a discrimination claim, an employee contract dispute, a breach of a non-competition agreement or a stolen trade secret, Oregon and Washington employment disputes can be expensive to defend even when they are unfounded.

Our employer advisory team's primary goal is for you to never meet our employment litigation team. Properly protecting your businesses trade secrets, processes and customers is the only way to dissuade employees from wrongfully taking them. Tailoring your non-competition agreements to make them effective within the confines of Oregon law can make them not only enforceable, if necessary, but an effective deterrent to violation in the first place.

Properly documenting and memorializing the employment relationship, and keeping those employment contracts fresh and relevant, can avoid confusion that often results in litigation.

Employee handbooks, company policies, disciplinary procedures, procedures for clocking in and out, these are the types of issues that end up in litigation when an employer fails to engage in preventative legal maintenance. In the end, prevention up front is infinitely cheaper than back end repair work.

But not all employment disputes can be avoided. At Slinde Nelson, we handle all types of Oregon and Washington employment disputes efficiently and effectively:

  • Non-competition agreement litigation;
  • Trade secret and business tort litigation;
  • Wage claims;
  • Overtime Claims;
  • Wrongful Discharge;
  • Discrimination and Retaliation Claims;
  • Whistleblower Claims

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