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Return and Exchange Policies: Thinking Through the Policy is Good For Business

While shopping I found myself reading the store’s “Return and Exchange” policy.  As a Portland business lawyer, I often advise clients on the many reasons to have and display a Return and Exchange Policy.  Some retailers used it to market their exceptional customer service and ease of return or exchange.  Customers, especially those shopping online, are more likely to make a purchase if they know that it is not going to be a problem if something comes up later. For others, the nature of the business may require making sure that the customer knows that a return might be limited to an exchange, in-store credit, or just simply not allowed.  Even then, it is better to have the policy clearly posted, rather than it being a surprise. If you’re a retailer and do not have a return or exchange policy, either way you are at a disadvantage.  If you already have one, it best to make sure it fits your business goals.   At Slinde Nelson, we have helped retailers with their return and exchange policy, gift card program, coupon language and other marketing and advertising efforts.

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