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Oregon Construction Law Update: Do It Yourself Fixes?

Looking for a good excuse to avoid fixing that faulty deck that the contractor screwed up last summer?  This might be one.  Don't try your hand at repairs without checking with an attorney first. 

Faulty construction claims in Oregon and Washington are complex, both from a legal perspective and a factual perspective.  Fixing the problem yourself without taking steps to preserve evidence and investigate your rights could destroy your case before it ever gets started.  Even if your repairs are perfect, you may still hand the contractor and their insurance company a number of defenses that could prevent you from receiving compensation.

For example, if you start 'fixing' the faulty work only to discover the problem runs much deeper and far beyond your level of 'expertise,' you may need the help of the original contractor to fix the problem.  But how can you prove the work was faulty of you have already torn out the faulty work?

Before you attempt to fix faulty construction, follow these simple steps: (1) document the evidence by taking pictures and videos, (2) call a Portland contractor dispute attorney or a Seattle construction defect attorney, to make sure you’re not impacting your rights to recover damages, and (3) call the contractor and give them an opportunity to view the problem first-hand. 

Always remember, be careful, even if you think you’re handy enough to fix the problem.

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