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Portland Construction Attorney Update: Builder or Contractor Misrepresentations

Every year, Slinde Nelson Stanford handles many faulty construction claims in Portland that result from water intrusion, settling, or some other structural problem.

While these defects are the basis for any construction defect case, there is another claim available to Oregon residents that merits consideration, and sometimes even litigation, in these cases.  Any Oregon construction defect attorney should ask the question, “Can the claimant recover for the contractor’s misrepresents of what they could do?” 

In Oregon, when a contractor fails to deliver what they promise (or said another way, they promise what they can’t deliver), you might be able to recover under the Unlawful Trade Practices Act (UTPA).  In short, the UTPA protects consumers from misrepresentations by businesses.  If you have been wronged and intentionally misled, you can recover not only damages, but also your attorney fees for having to pursue the contractor in court.

If you have been the victim of a misrepresentation by a contractor, call a Portland construction dispute attorney or a Vancouver real estate attorney today. 

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