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Startup faces tough business litigation over patent claim

The success of a startup company in Oregon or anywhere else can be plagued by normal growing pains. Sometimes, more specific allegations may be made to check a company's forward progress. When the allegations are made through business litigation filed in a federal court, the company will have to face the claim head-on.

A good example was recently reported in the case of Revolar Inc., a personal security device maker, that is embroiled in federal litigation over a patent infringement claim made by another company. Another security firm sued the startup early in 2017, claiming that it had a patent to the technology being used by Revolar. Prospects for a rocky road tried to reveal themselves in recent months as the company's CEO, Jacqueline Ros, resigned to develop products and allow for a veteran executive, Brian Thomas, to act as the chief officer.

However, the replacement CEO is already reportedly out of that job and doing private consulting work. The most that can be obtained from co-founder Ros is that the company is in transition. The company shined in recent years as it received various awards and funding opportunities to encourage its security product that is intended to improve women's safety. The wearable alarms are attuned to their cell phones and allow for sending messages in crisis situations.

At the moment, it is unclear whether Revolar is going to emerge as a going concern. Its online presence does not indicate that it is stopping or going out of business. The lesson may be that even where a startup has attracted sufficient capital to get out of the box, it may run into legal problems that were totally unexpected. For both new and established companies in Oregon, it is important to have regular access to a business attorney with business litigation experience.

Source:, "Revolar stumbles into uncertainty amid lawsuit, CEO departure", Greg Avery, Oct. 26, 2017

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