Experienced Attorneys For Mergers And Acquisitions

Structuring the optimal acquisition or divestiture requires knowledge of multiple disciplines in business, tax, real estate and securities. The practical experience of the attorneys at Slinde Nelson allows us to take a holistic, team approach to mergers and acquisitions that is arguably unparalleled in the Northwest. We have served as corporate counsel inside the Fortune 500. We have bought, managed, grown and sold successful businesses of our own. And we routinely contribute our unique expertise to a select portfolio of clients.

No two deals are the same, but we know how to structure your transaction and we know how to execute. Perhaps most important: We are prepared for the unexpected, which is the one constant to every business deal. And through it all, the relationship we build with our clients is paramount: solid, engaged, intimately knowledgeable.

Due Diligence And Acquisition Of A Business

Hundreds if not thousands of business lawyers know how to paper a deal. At Slinde Nelson, our practical experience allows us to do much more for our clients.

Before and after we became attorneys, we were just like you — and we still are. We're entrepreneurs with a passion for business, but also with keen insight, experience, and knowledge of business and the law.

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Our team approach helps clients minimize risk and avoid costly liabilities as we shepherd a transaction from inception through the letter of intent (LOI) process into due diligence, structuring and drafting of asset or stock purchase and sale documents, and onto closing. The depth and breadth of our experience and perspective are routinely cited by our clients as a contributing factor to their success.

Contact An Experienced Business Lawyer

If you'd like to talk with a business lawyer with practical experience in merger and acquisition law and business law, please give us a call. We're always glad to talk.

Call 866-280-7562 or contact us online to explore whether our team is the right fit for your M&A strategy. With offices in Portland, Oregon, we serve clients in both Oregon and Washington.