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When customers fail to pay debt, it can cause serious problems for lenders and creditors. In these situations, creditors have rights. At Slinde Nelson, our experienced lawyers can help uphold them.

Assisting Creditors And Businesses For More Than 15 Years

Since 2001, our firm has provided sound legal guidance for creditors throughout the Seattle, Portland and Salem areas. Some of our lawyers are business owners and local business insiders. We understand the importance of enforcing contracts, and we know the negative impact unpaid debts can have on your company.

Our skilled attorneys will work quickly to help you and your business resolve nonpayment issues in a variety of situations, including:

  • Corporate collections
  • Accounts receivable collection
  • Collection on judgments

Focused On Efficient And Effective Resolutions

At Slinde Nelson, we are focused on seeking swift resolutions for all collection matters. We know that every day debts are not repaid can cause problems for your company. We also know that a longer collection process means more costs for you.

When faced with collection matters that threaten your business, turn to the skilled attorneys of Slinde Nelson.