Skilled Counsel On Land Use

Several factors go into determining whether a deal pencils. There isn't a bigger factor than whether you can get the plans through land use.

We're confident that you'll find Slinde Nelson Stanford's approach to land use unlike any other. Our team is different. Slinde Nelson Stanford's team has done deals from the inside. We have attorneys who have worked with some of the region's most successful developers and taken them through successful and profitable developments, beginning to end.

Slinde Nelson Stanford has an in-house certified public engineer who we make available to our land use clients to help with technical aspects of a project and provide value engineering and overall project management consultation. Ask around. We're confident you'll find that is a unique offering.

Land use itself isn't just one discrete line item. Land use planning and approval present a set of overlapping challenges — technical, legal, practical and financial.

That is where Slinde Nelson Stanford's approach to land use planning and approval differs. When you hire Slinde Nelson Stanford's Oregon land use legal team, you get much more than a monthly billing statement. We do it like nobody else. We do all of it.

We do planning, consultation, land use, business development and financing assistance all under one roof.

Stop paying 10 vendors and losing efficiency every step of the way. Hire the unique Slinde Nelson Stanford Portland land use attorney team and let us give you the whole solution under one affordable roof.

Slinde Nelson Stanford offers a full suite of land use planning solutions

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Land use planning
  • Land use appeals
  • Entitlements
  • Small plats
  • Large plats
  • Mixed use

If you have land use planning needs, call 206-237-0020 or complete the brief online form.