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Tacoma Business Sale Agreement Attorney

Any experienced Seattle business lawyer can look over a draft agreement to buy or sell a business. And, they can also probably conduct the due diligence you need to 'technically' cover yourself in a transaction. At Slinde Nelson, we do much more.

We go beyond the work you will find at other law firms. We take the time to understand the transaction and your business objectives.

Sounds expensive? Check around. You'll be surprised. Just because we're more thorough doesn't mean we're more expensive. Careful planning and a history of past successes to draw from means we can typically do more, cheaper. We are not slaves to the billable hour and we run efficiently, rather than running the meter to support massive overhead.

When you are buying or selling a business, you need a Seattle business transactions attorney who can offer you big firm sophistication with small firm service. That is what we do and we do it every day.

We facilitate transitions in businesses, craft effective offer or counter-offer letters, and make introductions to business brokers or valuation experts to help set your price.

We can advise you on all issues related to Seattle stock sales or asset sales. We can advise you on what you need to do in the due diligence period to protect yourself. We can help you deal with employees and long term vendors or supplier contracts.

It's also important to remember that buyers need counsel too. Some sellers may have the upper hand in negotiations, in ways that you as a buyer may not have considered. The seller may have been preparing for this day for years, trying to make their company look more attractive to you. We know what questions to ask and we know how to look under the hood.

Located in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, our experienced Washington State business attorneys help clients throughout Washington when buying a business or selling a business, including in Seattle, Everett, Kirkland, Bellevue, Tacoma, Olympia and everywhere in-between.

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