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When we opened our Seattle practice in 2011, it was the natural next step for our growing Washington business law practice. Slinde Nelson's unique approach to business law allowed us substantial success and quick growth in our home market of Portland, Oregon. Our approach started to gain traction in the Seattle area before we even launched our office here.

Simply stated, we practice law like businessmen because that's what we are. We've been on the other side of the table, hiring attorneys to represent our own businesses, and we learned what business law clients want. Responsiveness, efficiency, predictability and a focus their business solutions and not the law firm's billing machine. That is what business clients want, and the fact that we recognize that, and let alone strive to deliver it, makes us unique.

Slinde Nelson’s team of Seattle business lawyers has roots in the community. Firm co-founder Nick Slinde worked in Seattle for some time, and has practiced Washington law extensively for a number of years. Top litigator, and firm co-founder, Phil Nelson attended law school at the University of Washington and, in the process, made many relationships in the Seattle business community and the surrounding areas.

Business Advice and Counsel from Experienced Seattle Business Lawyers

Slinde Nelson offers big business firm sophistication at small firm rates and with boutique delivery. We have the horsepower of the big firms with the overhead of the small ones. And we pass the savings on to you, along with the success of a winning business law practice.

We are a full service Washington business law firm with extensive experience in the following areas:

We service business law clients in Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Bellevue, Kirkland, Tacoma, Olympia and everywhere in-between.

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