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If you're a real estate developer, a property owner or property manager, you know that real estate law is complex and quick decisions can mean the difference between a successful project and a failure.

From land acquisition through build out and management, a smart, forward-thinking approach to your project from a legal perspective can make or break a project's profitability.

Real estate projects are about leverage and planning. We have experience in all phases of Washington real estate development and management. At Slinde Nelson, our team of Seattle real estate transactional attorneys has the experience to create efficiencies and the relationships to add real value to your project. If it all goes wrong, we have the skill to protect your rights in court.

Seattle Attorney for Real Estate Deals

Founding partner Nick Slinde spent a number of years as in-house counsel and VP of development for a regional builder / developer. Think about what that means. It means the head of our real estate team wore two hats, legal and business. That blend is what we think makes for solid real estate law counsel in King County, the Puget Sound and beyond.

Slinde Nelson represents developers, homeowners' associations, property owners, and real estate brokers in all phases of residential or commercial real estate acquisition, development and sales.

Washington Lawyers Who Can Help You Find Funding For Real Estate Projects

Slinde Nelson has experience finding funding for our real estate clients to get their projects off the ground. Structuring the nature of that funding and properly documenting it is what we do.

Seattle Lawyers Who Can Help Manage Real Estate

A large part of our real estate practice involves helping our property owner clients manage their portfolios. Our King County real estate attorneys develop strategies for dealing with banks, tenants, lease reviews or negotiations, and virtually every other aspect of managing your real estate portfolio.

Seattle Attorneys Who Handle Real Estate Litigation

Of course, when things go wrong in real estate deals or landlord / tenant relationships, lawsuits can result. Our team of Washington real estate dispute lawyers has handled countless pieces of real estate litigation--from a tiny lease dispute to a multi-million dollar transaction gone wrong. We look for leverage and we look for resolution early.

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