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The best way to avoid litigation is practicing preventative law. Keep your contracts fresh, clear and relevant. Go through vendor agreements every year or two to make sure they still cover the reality on the ground. Talk with suppliers about any issues before they become major problems. Provide your employees clear expectations and offer consistent management.

But even our most proactive Seattle business law clients find themselves in business disputes from time to time. When they do, they always want two things: a quick resolution, and minimal out of pocket outlay. That means a 'win' consistent with their business goals without having to break the bank on legal fees.

Unlike other large Seattle, Washington business law firms, we are not slaves to the billable hour and we don't have an army of associate attorneys who have to bill hours whether they're necessary or not. You won't find six attorneys billing on your case unless it's necessary, and usually it's not. You won't find us double billing you for ramp up time. Instead, you get one lawyer who is dedicated to understanding your business and your case. We add more horsepower to your case as the situation calls for it, not because our bottom line requires it.

We are former big firm lawyers that left to deliver something different: Big firm service, with small firm efficiencies and responsiveness. That means we can consider creative fee structures, including flat fees, hybrid legal fee arrangements or even legal fee arrangements that are entirely contingent upon our success.

Business Disputes Attorneys in Seattle and the Puget Sound

Our team of Washington State business attorneys has built a track record of success on finding swift and efficient solutions. This does not always mean tens of thousands of dollars in ramp up time. While there are some cases that call for this type of approach, many cases can turn on a well-placed strategic leverage play earlier in the process.

If there is a way to swiftly resolve your Seattle business dispute, we will find it. If there isn't, our team of experienced Seattle business litigation lawyers are the ones you want in the courtroom.

We handle all types of Washington business lawsuits, including:

  • Breach of Contract Litigation
  • Business Fraud Lawsuits
  • Business Interference Litigation of Unfair Trade Practices
  • Defense of Lawsuits Brought Against Executives and Board Members
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Insurance Coverage Litigation
  • Employment Law

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