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Dealing With Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace: 5 Things You Need to Know

The workplace is supposed to be a safe environment. Sadly, for many adults going to work can be a frustrating and stressful experience. If you’ve been dealing with discrimination in the workplace, there are several things you need to understand.

Your place of employment is supposed to be a safe and productive environment. It’s not supposed to be a place you dread spending time. For many adults, however, the workplace can quickly become a stressful place. If you experience discrimination at work, you may feel worried that you’ll never get a promotion. You might wonder if you’ll ever be able to feel safe at work. You may even be concerned that you’ll have trouble if you choose to move to another company. No matter what type of organization you work with, there are several things you need to understand about discrimination in the workplace.

Discrimination Is Illegal

It’s important to understand that discrimination is not something you have to tolerate. In fact, workplace discrimination based on gender, religion, or race is illegal. Unfortunately, some workers are concerned that if they report discrimination, they will be fired. In the United States, your employer cannot legally discriminate against you for reporting harassment in the workplace, nor can they demote or otherwise penalize you.

Identifying Harassment

Sometimes it can be hard to decide whether something is a harmless joke or workplace harassment; however, it’s important to try to identify instances of harassment in the workplace when they occur. If someone tends to make sexist or racist jokes that make you uncomfortable, chances are that this would be considered harassment when brought to your employer. It’s important to report instances of harassment as soon as possible.

You Have Options

Understand that you have a variety of options for handling workplace discrimination or harassment. The first step you can take is to talk with your supervisor directly; however, in some cases, your place of employment may prefer that you report the harassment directly to the human resources department for review. You’ll typically need to report what was said, who was involved, and when the incident took place.

You Are Not Alone

No matter what you are going through, you are not alone. Many adults face discrimination in their workplace. This does not make it okay or acceptable; however, it’s important to remember that other adults have gone through the same experience. In fact, other team members may have also been harassed or discriminated against. When you work to create a safer work environment, you’re also taking steps that will benefit your other team members and help protect them in the future.

An Experienced Employment Lawyer Can Help

Whether you want to pursue legal action against your employer or you simply want to know how you can resolve the issue of workplace discrimination, an attorney can offer guidance and assistance during this time. Your lawyer will review your case and discuss how you can start to move forward.

If you’ve been facing discrimination at work, it’s time to get the help you deserve. The right attorney will meet with you to discuss your case. They’ll listen to your story and advise you as to your options. Call 503-567-1234 today to schedule your consultation.