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Here’s why every doctor needs to talk with a business lawyer

Are you a doctor who is thinking about opening up a private practice? Do you already have your business in place? Are you looking for ways to make your business even stronger? It may be time to consult with a business attorney who can guide you as you launch your medical practice. Behind every good business is a great business plan, and there’s no one better equipped to help you than a business attorney. Here’s what you need to know.

You may need certifications

A business law attorney will help guide you when it comes to launching your medical business. Make sure you aren’t missing anything that is required in your state or county by consulting with an attorney. They’ll let you know exactly what permits and licenses you need to begin operating in your area.

You may need to understand state policies

As a medical professional, it’s your job to worry about caring for your patients and offering them incredible treatment. It’s your attorney’s job to make sure that you’re abiding by all state and federal policies regarding your type of business and its operation.

You may need assistance with patient forms

Chances are that you’ll need to create effective patient forms you can use to collect information and data. It’s important to have your attorney review these forms. Remember that your lawyer has a solid understand of the law and will quickly be able to notice problematic or questionable areas on a form. Your lawyer can also provide insight as to how you can improve your forms.

You may need guidance in creating contracts

Whether you plan to hire medical technicians, nurses, or other doctors, you’ll need to have contracts in place that outline the terms of employment. Similarly, if you utilize vendors in your office, you’ll need to have contracts that dictate exactly how your interactions will work. Whether you want to have someone help care for your vending machine in the break room, you need someone to take care of the landscaping, or you need a sanitation team, make sure you have all of the contracts you need to move forward.

You may have questions about taxes

As a physician, you might be used to having all of the answers, but you don’t have to. Your lawyer can help. When it comes to taxes, you’ll want to make sure that you consult with your attorney. They’ll explain how you can complete your business taxes correctly and on time. They’ll help you find deductions and make sure that you’re properly accounting for both payments received and payments made throughout the year.

No matter what type of medical practice you’re opening, the right attorney can make an incredible difference in your practice. Don’t wait to schedule an appointment. Call 503-567-1234 now to talk with someone who can help you understand exactly what your next steps should be.