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Help With Raising Money To Finance Your Business

You have a business idea, but you don’t know how to attract the necessary capital. That’s OK — most new businesses struggle with funding issues at some point during the first couple years.

Our business lawyers know what it’s like to raise money for business because we’ve done it ourselves. We’ve also sat on investment committees, reviewing and discussing by the dozens executive summaries with other investors.

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What Makes Investors Write Checks?

It is notoriously difficult to persuade private investors to pull out a pen to write a check. But business lawyers often know where seed, mezzanine and VC capital can be found. Here are some things to consider:

  • Investors invest in people. Experience, smarts and humility can outweigh a solid executive summary or business plan.
  • Investors don’t want to wade through an executive summary in excess of six or seven pages. Your product or service offering should dictate the proper headings to use; don’t use some canned template written by who-knows-who.
  • Investors are not interested in riding it out with you until retirement. They want a defined, relatively short-term win.
  • Investors aren’t so much interested in your numbers as they are in the assumptions underlying those numbers.
  • Investors never want to hear “and those numbers are conservative.” Really — every one of them has heard it a million times already and it’s not even humorous anymore.

If You Get A Loan, You Have To Deal With The SEC

Whenever anyone or any entity raises private capital in furtherance of a business or business idea, they have to stay right with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Investment rules are extremely complex and they often require issuers to disclose a great deal of information to their investors.

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