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Boutique Technology Investment Banking and M&A Legal Services

Your professionals should talk to each other. They should know each other. And, when they talk, they should be talking about your business needs, creating efficiencies and maximizing the value of your company. They should bring their own unique skill sets and points of view together to create an efficient and effective whole. Seems obvious, right?

Working nationally from offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Oregon.

Well, it’s not. In fact, it’s incredibly rare. Mergertech and Slinde Nelson have created as unique a relationship as you will find in the world of investment banking, strategic M&A and business law.

MERGERTECH+SN are a strategic partnership between a tech minded law firm and tech based investment banker. We collapse the divide between the two integral parts of any M&A transaction and exploit operational efficiencies in the process that you can’t find when two independent firms represent a party in a transaction.

Helping sellers convert work into wealth. It’s that simple.

Meet Mergertech, one of the world’s premier boutique tech investment banking firms aimed at small to mid-size technology companies. Mergertech was founded by technology entrepreneurs and today is run by a team of tech industry veterans and investment banking professionals – some of the best in the business. As the only investment banking firm exclusively focused on small and mid-size tech companies, Mergertech knows exactly how to help founders and stakeholders maximize the value of their business.

Meet SN, a law firm composed of former business owners and in-house business lawyers from some of the largest and most successful companies on the West Coast. Their lawyers take a holistic, business-based approach when advising clients concerning a merger or acquisition. Many law firms can draft the paperwork for the sale or purchase of a business. At SN, their practical experience allows them to sit next to you at the table and provide a level of service beyond a traditional billable hour. Their lawyers bring a depth and breadth of experience to business transactions because they have served as corporate counsel for start-ups, growth and Fortune 500 companies. They have also bought, managed, grown and sold successful business of their own.

Fast introduction to buyers, best terms and value and the greatest certainty of deal closure.

So, it’s time to sell your company. You need an attorney. You need an investment banker. From our experience, you’re better off with people who know each other, who work together. We work well together and we get results.

If you don’t believe us, ask some of Mergertech’s old clients: