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Serious defects plague popular Oregon building since it was constructed

The city and residents of Portland, Oregon are going to pay the price for major structural defects in the building that houses the city’s administrative headquarters. The Portland Building – constructed a mere 32 years ago – requires $95 million in repairs, according to The Oregonian.

From the day the controversial building was completed, it has been plagued with complaints regarding serious defects. While the total cost to build the structure was only $25 million, estimators state it will cost $110 to $400 million to replace at today’s construction rates. Thus, the city recently agreed to a less expensive remodeling project that they hope to commence later this year.

The most serious issues with the building involve numerous structural defects that, in turn, caused water intrusion issues. According to reports, water has leaked into the building through windows, siding, the roof and more. Officials are also quite concerned with how the building will hold up in the event of an earthquake as the structural integrity has been in question since it has been occupied.

Construction and structural defects are not uncommon, even in new structures, leading to numerous civil lawsuits.

Common construction defects

Just because a building is new, it does not mean that it is perfect. The downside to a booming construction industry is that workers or subcontractors sometimes cut corners and may substitute less expensive materials in the interest of speed and economy. While many such disputes can be resolved without going to court, real estate and construction litigation is sometimes necessary.

Following are some of the most common defects noted with new construction:

  • Water intrusion: Water leaks are a huge issue in Oregon where rainy weather is common year-round. Defective installation and materials for roofing, exterior surfaces and insulation are common reasons for water leaks. Unfortunately, exterior leaks are some of the most expensive construction defects to fix. Undetected leaks can lead to such issues as mold growth, rotting wood and pest infestation.
  • Defective windows: Business and residential buildings in Oregon often have large windows in order to take advantage of the gorgeous views. Whether because of defective products or improper installation, problems with windows can be common. Gasket failures and installation slip-ups result in leaks around the edges, negating the insulating effects of environmentally appropriate windows.
  • Inadequate appliances and systems: Heating and cooling systems, especially in large structures, can be inadequate to the monumental tasks required of them. Ventilation is also an issue, especially with larger structures.

The above are just a few examples of what can go wrong – or be wrong – with a new structure. Fortunately, professional help is available.

A lawyer can help

If you are dealing with building defects or shortcomings, an attorney knowledgeable about construction defects, real estate disputes and litigation involving structures in Oregon can help. Consult an experienced business and litigation lawyer.