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Residential Construction Defect Law: A Primer (Part 1 of 4)

A home is generally one's most significant and valuable financial (and emotional) investment. It is so much more than bricks and mortar; it is the place where we live, learn, and raise our families. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting homeowners learn, after the damage is done, that certain parts of their homes were constructed in a defective manner that may cost considerable dollars to repair, depreciate the value of their home, and/or force them to relocate to avoid health concerns.

The scope of construction defects is broad and can range from minor problems like popped nails and peeling paint to more shocking situations, as in where a home must be demolished and completely rebuilt. Many of the worst cases involve moisture intrusion that lead to toxic-mold which can have serious health consequences. Other problems include faulty design, code violations, cracked foundations, substandard workmanship, and other structural deficiencies.

The number of construction defect related cases has surged as a result of a building boom were houses were being constructed to satisfy an insatiable demand for new housing. Compound this mass production with considerable lack of experience and supervision and you have a recipe for disaster. In a race to bring homes to improve profits, builders sought out low bids for contracts, cut whatever corners they could and frequently employed unskilled or overworked subcontractors to get sticks out of the ground. The lack of state and federal funds means government regulation can't provide any real insurance against these practices and as a result homeowners are left to their own devices.

The attorneys at Slinde Nelson have decades of experience dealing with these and similar construction related issues. Read Monday's blog for information concerning the different types of construction defects.

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