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First Thursday: Graeter Art Presents Flora Bowley & Jennifer Mercede

Please join us tonight for view of new works by two of Portland's most prolific and talented artists:

Flora Bowley & Jennifer Mercede

Today, November 4th first Thursday reception, 5-8pm at Slinde & Nelson
24 NW Second Ave, Suite 200, PDX
Free and open to the public. Refreshments provided.

Flora Bowley Artist Statement:

It is my desire to honor and celebrate the natural world by creating bold, yet delicate, new "landscapes," rich with color, soul and imagination.  My work is created through a unique process of spontaneously layering free flowing color and mark-making with carefully rendered organic forms.  These forms or "characters," such as wings, sprouts, hives, figures, stars, branches, petals and pods co-mingle with vibrant color fields to tell stories of magical places born from dreams, close observation and a deep connection to all living things.  I find joy in allowing my paintings to unfold naturally as I experiment playfully with color, form and composition, often changing courses along the way.  My inspiration flows from both a microscopic perspective (often finding myself crawling on the forest floor) to a cosmic perspective (lots of nights staring at the sky and moon).  Ultimately, I consider my work to be a celebration of the present moment; chaotic, subtle, mystical and ever-changing.
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Jennifer Mercede Artist Statement:

My work is spontaneous, fast and carefree. I am guided by color and shape.  I start a piece by scribbling with a ball point pen or marker.  Then I fill in some of the spaces created with color (paint or crayon/ maker/ pen).  Sometimes I will start with grand expressive brushstrokes of paint.  I typically grab whatever color is closest to me or easiest to open: which include mismatched, discounted paint.
Painting is a mood thing for me. Sometimes I’ve just got to get it all out!  Other times, its softer, more sensitive, in which I draw slowly and paint in the lines. In this case, I may be having a conversation with a friend, or in a pensive mood.  Words from conversations make their way in to the painting.  I layer color upon color.  I scratch into thick gooey paint.  I scrap away.  I continue to add more bits & pieces of color and line until I step back and see it all fitting together. Balanced composition, color, and value.  My brain subconsciously remembers what I learned in art school and puts itself to use, doing the hard work while I have all the fun.
I tend to have fun while working: its one of my primary goals.

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