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Crowded Seattle Docket Makes Business Disputes More Costly, Unless…

On Behalf of | May 19, 2011 | Uncategorized

If your business has ever been involved in a Seattle business dispute, you know that the legal docket in King County is crowded and glacial. If you have a dispute with a vendor or a contract dispute with a purchaser of your product, either you don’t want to wait two years for your day in court or you’re out of your mind.

Our team of Seattle business attorneys strives to find ways to make enforcing your rights quicker and cheaper. That means when you have to make tough business decisions, all options remain on the table and realistic, including the legal option.

Step one in the process is the integration of contract writing and maintenance with your business objectives and processes. Simply put, outdated, stale contracts cause lawsuits. Period. To help your bottom line, we work with Seattle and Bellevue business clients to keep contracts fresh and relevant. This means that your contracts might actually apply to the situation you might actually find yourself in. If the contract answers the question, then cooler heads could prevail.

But that is not always the case. Sometimes the contract’s dispute resolution procedures have to be implicated. Or if you lack contract resolution procedures in your key vendor contracts or sales contracts altogether, well, you didn’t come to Slinde Nelson for your contracts. We draft our contracts with strong dispute resolution procedures driven by your business needs. If an arbitration clause makes sense, we draft your contract with the strongest possible language — and we will likely include an attorney fees provision. This means that if you’re right, you can get your fees back at the end.

If we do end up on the clogged King County court docket, your business dispute in Seattle will be handled with one goal in mind: resolution. Resolutions, cheap and fast, can only come from a strike-hard, strike-fast approach. Showing the other side that you’re serious, and that resistance is futile, can drive quick settlements.

Preventative business law solutions, in conjunction with aggressive prosecution of business dispute claims, is how you keep your Seattle business focused on what it needs to focus on: your business.