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Out-Sourced In-House Counsel Can Provide Efficiencies

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2011 | Uncategorized

Many small to medium size businesses find themselves in no-man’s land with regard to day-to-day legal oriented tasks. Larger companies can justify maintaining a full staff of in-house lawyers. These lawyers typically deal with the smaller legal needs of a company-letter writing to a delinquent vendor, legal advice on a human resources decision, contract negotiation over an order purchase, and the like.

Smaller companies need the same legal counsel but they don’t need the overhead of an on-staff attorney. They also don’t need to pay $400 an hour for a brief letter.

As a Portland business law attorney, my opinion is these businesses need out-sourced in-house legal counsel. Out-sourced in-house counsel is a legal offering that has gained traction in other markets, but is relatively rare in the Portland and even Seattle business law marketplace.

The concept is relatively straightforward: a) offer the efficiencies associated with in-house counsel, without the overhead, b) offer effective, on-call outside counsel without the heavy cost.

Slinde Nelson offers out-sourced in-house counsel at reduced or even flat fee rates. This offers our clients predictability and stability. We gain an institutional understanding of how your business operates on a day-to-day basis, and are able to respond

This means that when you have a problem or need advice, you don’t have to pay a lawyer $800 for two hours of work to get up to speed on the nature of your business. We already know it and we can act fast.

We already understand your third-party relationships, and if you need a letter sent, we can get it sent out quickly and efficiently.

The goal is to make you feel, everywhere but in your pocketbook, like you’ve got a lawyer down the hall.

Another thing that Slinde Nelson‘s out-sourced in-house counsel offering provides is out of state litigation management. Rather than simply (and blindly) turning on the meter for an attorney in California or Idaho whom you’ve never met, we can manage your litigation locally to ensure you’re receiving the best representation for the most efficient price.

The model works and the savings are real. Three of partners at Slinde Nelson were in-house lawyers themselves at major corporations. They know what our business law clients are looking for, and also what they’re looking to avoid.

The old law firm model just doesn’t always make sense in the current economic climate. Slinde Nelson understands that, and is effectively changing the old model to meet the needs of today’s businesses.