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Month: August 2011

Striking Fast in Litigation Makes Sense

Most smart businesspersons spread out accounts payable to lessen the impact and ease the pain. As a result, large up front litigation costs can sound a lot less appealing than a few thousand a month over a longer period of time.But litigation maintenance costs money,...

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This Is Your Brain On Text Messages

There is something peculiar, even troubling, about text messages. They're quick, easy and informal. They seem to cause even the most cautious businesspeople to let their guard down. They seem to have a way of causing people to say things they wouldn't otherwise...

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Dissonance Between Big Banks & Small Business

  Bank lending has been falling steadily since 2008, according to the federal Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy. The SBA tells us that banks are loosening their lending standards for small businesses. Yet even under intense political pressure to...

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