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Medical Board Investigations Require Experienced Counsel

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2012 | Uncategorized

The definition of a professional is, in part, someone who is licensed and regulated.  The same agencies that grant our right to practice our chosen profession can take it away in what seems like a heartbeat.  Medical board investigations or dental commission inquiries can seem like a maze that’s impossible to navigate.

At Slinde Nelson, we handle administrative investigations on behalf of doctors and dentists in Oregon and Washington.  Washington physicians must answer to the Department of Health’s Medical Quality Assurance Commission while Washington dentists have the Washington State Dental Association’s Dental Quality Assurance Commission.  Alternatively, Oregon physicians report to the Board of Medical Examiners, and Oregon dentists are under the Board of Dentistry.  Accountants, architects, engineers, realtors, and of course lawyers are governed similarly.

Sometimes, in the course of busy and complicated practices combined with busy and complicated lives, a complaint is filed against a professional that resulting in an investigation.  This can be incredibly disheartening and distracting for the busy professional, regardless of whether the complaint has any merit whatsoever.  The consequences of such an investigation can be severe, including suspensions or even permanent license revocations.  

Just because an attorney does not have to be involved in the investigative process does not mean that an attorney should not be involved.  This is especially true given that many administrative proceedings lead to actual litigation where lawyers are required.  But even in the administrative context, a professional has to respond to specific inquiries, provide documents and evidence, advance procedural and substantive arguments, etc.  Given that in many cases the reputation and livelihood of the professional can be at stake, why not consult an attorney?  

At Slinde Nelson, we have represented professionals faced with major administrative investigations.  Hopefully, it never happens, but if it does, give call a Portland medical board investigation attorney or a Seattle medical commission lawyer today.