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New Webpage on Navigating Oregon Employment Laws When Paying Employees on a Commission Basis

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2012 | Uncategorized

Slinde Nelson has added a new page to the website focusing on Oregon businesses with commissioned employees.

Paying an employee on a commission basis typically means rewarding employees based on the percentage of goods sold, i.e. performance.  In practice, it is a useful strategy for ensuring employees’ interests are aligned with those of the business. 

As we will explore in future blogs, Oregon’s employment and wage claim laws intersect with commission-based compensation in a manner that requires significant insight and attention.  With that in mind, as any experienced Portland employment law attorney will tell you, commission agreements with employees should be in writing and aimed at clarifying the rights of the employer and employee with an eye towards avoiding wage and employment disputes. 

Whether you are facing litigation with former commissioned-based employees or are simply looking to not end up in the Oregon courts, our experience team of employment attorneys can help you navigate the maze of Oregon employment laws. 

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