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Oregon’s Elder Abuse Statute is Serious Business for Oregon’s Senior Citizens

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2012 | Uncategorized

We have all been in a position (or at least know someone who has) where a loved one has reached the age where they become vulnerable.  Even if they can manage their day-to-day living needs, recognizing exaggerated promises and veiled lies can become more difficult.  As Portland financial elder abuse lawyers, we witness numerous cases where scams, family, friends, and others take advantage of seniors.

Oregon’s Elder Abuse Statute covers senior citizens age 65 and over, or any Oregonian who suffers from an inability to care for themselves financially.  If a ‘vulnerable person,’ as they’re termed under the statute, has their money or property taken or appropriated, they may have a claim against anyone who ’caused’ that taking or appropriation.

The statute is broad and potentially allows for claims against all of the players involved in a particular scheme, no matter how tangential that player might be.  In addition, the statute provides for treble damages–meaning the culpable party must pay three times the monetary damages they caused.  The culpable actor is also responsible for paying attorney’s fees and costs for chasing them down.  Asset protection is a key consideration for any Portland or Seattle business advice attorney representing the elderly and vulnerable. 

The Oregon legislature was not joking when it drafted protections for the state’s elderly population from abuse at the hands of those they trust.  When it comes to Oregon’s Elder Abuse statute, it is serious business.  If you have a financial elder abuse claim, Oregon’s law, as one of the strongest in the country, can provide serious punishment for exploiting society’s most vulnerable.