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New Webpage on Navigating Civil RICO Claims in Oregon and Washington

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2012 | Uncategorized

Slinde Nelson has added a new page to the website focusing on Oregon RICO and Washington RICO claims.  

Plainly stated, establishing a civil RICO claim is not simple.  Case law continues to evolve and develop in this area, particularly for business RICO violations, as both federal and state courts work through the complexities of their respective statutes.  This is particularly true for RICO violations in the context of business torts, such as the misappropriation (illegal use) of trade secrets, where case law is still developing.

In future blogs, we will dive into the Oregon and Washington’s RICO statutes, breaking down each element and analyze its respective complexities.

Whether you are facing litigation or trying to recover trade secret information, our experience team of RICO attorneys can help you navigate the maze of business RICO litigation.  

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