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Oregon Construction Law Update: Water Intrusion in Condominiums

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2012 | Uncategorized

In Oregon, nobody is immune from the threat of water intrusion.  Condominiums are no different.  If you live in a condominium that was built (or remodeled) in the last ten years, you may have a right to recover money to fix the problem and protect your investment.

What are the steps to recovery?  Do I call my homeowner’s association (HOA) first and wait for them to act? 

The answer is yes; you should absolutely notify your HOA about any defective construction that arises in your condominium.  With that said, you should not exclusively rely on them to take action.  It is important to remember that your interests may not always be aligned with those of the HOA.  For example, if the HOA or property manager failed to maintain or inspect your property, they may worry more about the consequences of their inaction than fixing your condominium. 

You have certain individual rights as an owner of a unit in a large complex.  You should not assume that the collective body will always enforce them. 

If you have noticed a construction problem in your condominium, call a Portland construction dispute attorney today.