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Portland Business Law Update: All in Litigation Approach Not Always the Right One

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2012 | Uncategorized

Not all litigation is created equally.  To be sure, the phrase ‘bet the farm litigation’ refers to a very critical all-in type of case.  But experienced business attorneys in Portland and Seattle know that life or death business cases are the exception rather than the rule.  The best attorneys can tell the difference between those relatively rare but extreme cases and the far more common litigation that is more strategic in nature.

Scorching the earth is not always the best play for run of the mill Portland business dispute.  A well-crafted demand letter may be all it takes to achieve a strategic business goal.  A timely and insightful request for documents or a sensitive deposition may be a relatively affordable way to get to the finish line.

Today’s tip may seem obvious, but to may Portland business attorneys, the concept is foreign.  All cases are treated the same, whether they require a full court press or not.  Spending your legal fees wisely is more art than science and it takes real reflection at the outset of a case.  In my view, it’s the distinguishing factor between Slinde Nelson‘s value proposition and the value proposition of many of our competitors. 

A business should always approach litigation as if it could be expensive, but your lawyer should always approach litigation with an eye toward saving you money.

If you have a question about a business dispute or a real estate law question, contact an experienced Portland business lawyer or a Seattle business attorney today.