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Benefits of Class Action Claims

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2014 | Class Action

You’ve heard it ever since you were a child: there is strength in numbers. When it comes to bringing a lawsuit, the same is often true. If wrongdoing is the result of systemic failures by a large corporation, there is usually a long list of potential victims. In those cases, victims seeking relief do not always have to bring their claims alone. Class action lawsuits allow many victims of the same wrongdoing to pursue their claims together.

If you suspect you’re not the only one impacted by the same wrongdoing, you should contact a class action claims attorney who can help you and others to hold the proper parties accountable.

Class action cases arise when a group of people suffers injuries from the same wrongful conduct. That conduct can be anything from releasing a defective product to consumers, to misrepresenting risks to investors. Though the conduct must have injured a group, that group need not be fully identified before bringing the claims. Generally one or more injured persons will bring the claim on behalf of a similarly situated class of plaintiffs. From there, a judge determines whether that case should qualify as a class action.

Nobody wants to take on big business all alone. Pursuing a class action claim can give regular plaintiffs a platform to hold large companies accountable for their actions where it might otherwise be impractical. Further, by bringing claims on behalf of a class, those members whose injury would not independently warrant a claim are able to receive relief.

Of course, not all claims are right for class action status. You should contact a class action claims attorney who can help you determine if you’re best served pursuing your claims as a class.