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Construction Defect: Faulty Insulation Leads to Hot Homes

On Behalf of | May 16, 2014 | Business Construction Law

Congrats! You’ve survived your first week of summer weather in the Pacific Northwest. If you’re like me though, 90+ temperatures mean you’re actually spending more time inside, mooching off whoever is wise enough to pay for air conditioning. Though the winter is where construction defects become the most apparent, the hot summer months can be just as revealing.

If the summer weather has you heated about faulty construction, contact an Oregon or Washington construction defect attorney who can help.

One of the most common causes of exorbitant heat within a home is faulty insulation work. Though we commonly think of insulation for it’s ability to keep heat in during the winter, insulation also serves a reverse function of blocking heat during hot weather periods. Inadequate insulation is not uncommon and can heat a house up quickly depending on how faulty the insulation work.

While some temperature increases in the home are due to an inadequate amount of insulation all over, others can be caused by part of a room or an entire room being missed for insulation completely. Determining whether these defects are due to a faulty install or changing standards will depend on each particular home and each particular job.

Of course, hot houses do more than simply irritate those who occupy them. Hot houses also create increased utility bills for those who seek to counter shoddy insulation work with costly air conditioning. As beautiful as it is, the good weather is rare in the great North West. You shouldn’t have to spend these summer months in discomfort. Contact a construction defect attorney who can help you make sure the problem gets fixed, and the appropriate party foots the bill.