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Business law attorneys may help a company facing a crisis

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2017 | Business & Commercial Law

In Oregon as well as elsewhere, an outside law firm is sometimes called upon to assist a company in a crisis situation. These are usually unexpected chains of events that require the company to make some important decisions about how to respond and how to handle the problem. Business law attorneys may be critical in some circumstances in helping the company to start off on the right track and stay there.

Many crises that companies encounter are not relatively serious when they start out. However, it sometimes happens that a botched corporate response takes the business entity into a spiral of bad events coupled sometimes with increasingly damning press coverage. Experts assert that the first few days after the crisis hits are the key days when a tone-deaf, unknowledgeable response may create a full-blown crisis or even a major scandal. For example, the data breaches encountered by Target or Sony, and most recently, by data giant Equifax, were handled with unwieldy, uninformed gloves for the first few days.

Those horrendous blunders regarding legal issues and public relations basics sent those companies into a free-fall of stinging publicity from which they barely recovered. The United Airlines disaster was a shocking example of the backwardness of a major U.S. corporate enterprise. The videos showing a professional man being dragged off the plane in howling consternation, for doing nothing wrong, was an example of how a large company can be completely in the dark about the skills of public relations, and about the horrors associated with marketing or retail policy blunders.

Research shows that a botched response by corporate officials triggered just about all of the major corporate public relations nightmares in recent years. Where the crisis struck at the heart of the company’s mission, the negative response more rapidly and easily devolved into an almost unending spiral of bad press reports and industry criticism. When a disaster involving business law dynamics happens to a company in Oregon, or elsewhere for that matter, it is imperative that the company has adequate preparations and mechanisms in place to respond with knowledge,  decisiveness and accurate reporting to the public.

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