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Business formation includes mergers as well as startups

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2018 | Business Formation

One of the tasks performed by a business law attorney in Oregon or elsewhere is to assist new companies in the initial start-up phase. Business formation can consist of a brand-new enterprise getting started with all of the legal structure being put in place with the assistance of legal counsel. It can also consist of a new company coming to birth from the merger of two existing companies.

A recent merger in another state shows an example of what may be involved when two companies come together to form one. The two companies in this case are Motion PR, a public relations and digital agency, and Agency MSL, an integrated marketing and communications company. They have merged and immediately will be known as Motion.

The CEO and founder of Motion PR will stay on as CEO of Motion. The owner and founder of Agency MSL will retire after six decades in the industry. According to the company’s spokespersons, this is a classic merger, where the best of both companies will join to create a more broad-based company that will be able to expand its services to their combined and growing body of clientele. The new company is a certified, woman-owned business, probably a distinct advantage and selling point in an environment that sees the rapidly increasing strength of women in the world of business.

This business formation example combines the one company’s expertise in retail marketing, advertising and branding proficiencies with the other’s established skills in public relations and digital technology. A merger is generally designed to be a boon to both companies by filling in some skill voids in the broad industry that each company had in the past. For companies in Oregon that are contemplating the formation of a startup or the merger of existing companies, it is highly recommended that the principals seek out the professional assistance of an experienced business law attorney.

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