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Business litigation can overtax an unprepared small company

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Business Litigation

In Oregon and anywhere else the concern of a small business when it becomes embroiled in a court case with another company goes beyond just the dollars and cents pertaining to the disputed claim. The small business owner must also worry that the company does not get off of its focus and its mission by the distraction of an emotional adversary battle. That kind of obsession can build up in business litigation when the case involves multiple depositions of key executives and extensive e-discovery that is technical enough to get anyone out of focus.

One regretful aspect of the problem is that the company might be required to invest serious time and resources on issues that have little or nothing to do with the company’s business activities. The claims may have more to do with fuzzy demands and unfounded legal assertions. These matters may nonetheless require large investments of time by high-level managers. Almost every case between business entities will involve time-consuming data searches looking for the answers to detailed inquiries by the other side.

Even more frustrating are the small claims that involve extensive testimonial support to present a defense. Such matters can take several employees off of their work focus and onto demanding efforts to present issues properly in court. Executives are beginning to come up with ways to divert themselves away from the large efforts of litigation and limit their emotional input.

Entertaining a settlement that can get everyone back to work is sometimes an appropriate way to face a business litigation problem. Effective business law attorneys in Oregon can guide small business owners and key staff members toward reducing their time involvement by streamlining various pretrial processes. They can also guide the company toward less costly resolutions through their astute identification of the truly important issues at hand. They can also help the company stick to its basic values by limiting the scope of certain other settlement options.