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Business formation includes building a brand and a brand name

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2018 | Business Formation

Everyone agrees that a business startup needs sufficient money to get up and running. Some of the early steps of business formation require costs and fees that allow the business to go forward with the best and most appropriate business structure. Oregon is a state that hosts the initiation of many young business startups within its borders, making it a good choice to have a business attorney available during the procedure.

Many experts agree, however, that despite money being important, there are more intangible qualities that can help assure the young company’s success more than monetary assistance. According to one entrepreneurial expert, time may be the most valuable asset that one needs for the startup enterprise. Time to research, time to prepare, time to study the market and time to put it all together.

Indeed, without a great deal of time being invested in getting the business out of the gate, money could be wasted and not put to a useful purpose. In order to make the business grow it is suggested that the founder have passion in the business idea and the solutions included within its mission. Having the spark of passion is the great equalizer that gives an entrepreneur the drive to keep going and to keep constructing the elements of the business that will complete its meaning. 

Money is also ineffective in business formation when it comes to developing a strong and enduring brand name. The brand can only be built slowly, in conjunction with building one’s reputation and credibility. The brand is the comprehensive collection of all elements that identify the business, including its logo, name, mission and other perceptions existing in the public eye. It goes beyond Oregon and even the nation and may be recognized worldwide.