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Business formation may involve a new joint venture enterprise

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | Business Formation

Oregon business law attorneys may be retained to structure the legal contours of a joint enterprise. This is a business venture entered into by two separate companies joined in a common business purpose. A recent interesting example of this kind of business formation is the creation of a joint venture called FINTRAIL Solutions, LLC. The companies joining in the venture are Guidepost Solutions LLC and FINTRAIL Ltd.

Guidepost is a worldwide participant in compliance, investigations and security consulting. FINTRAIL is a leading financial technology consulting firm. The two together intend to engage in a joint venture that will provide world-class financial crime consulting that will combine the best skills that each company has to offer. The venture will focus on assisting businesses to combat the threat of financial crime in existing markets. 

The CEO of Guidepost explained that there is a significant risk of financial crime to the clients that both companies have served in the North America region. They believe that the combination of the skills of both companies in a common venture to fight this kind of crime will be beneficial to their existing clients and others needing the services. The venture will provide commercially intelligent anti-financial crime platforms, audit and internal compliance services, along with remediation services.

The business will provide support for clients at any stage of development. It will be available for traditional brick-and-mortar firms. The joint venture will also establish a North American chapter of the FinTech Financial Crime Exchange to develop the best practices in financial crime risk management. It will also create a worldwide community to fight financial crime by joining the European network with the one in North America.

All sizes and types of business activities are engaged in joint ventures in Oregon. Attorneys experienced in business formation are adept at creating the proper legal frameworks to establish a joint venture between two companies. Sometimes these ventures may include new startup businesses that want to join with a more substantial company that can provide some of the tools and knowledge necessary to get the project safely off the launching pad.