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January 2019 Archives

Business formation lawyers are important in the merger process

When a business merger takes place in Oregon between two companies there are certain procedures that are followed. The shareholders of each corporate entity will have to vote to approve the transaction. There may follow an elongated procedure of governmental approval and a lot of legal paper work well-suited to the expertise of business formation lawyers.

Contracts may allow franchisor to make sweeping changes

Franchise law in Oregon and elsewhere can result in dissension and litigation between the parties. Franchise agreements are contracts and as such are governed by contract law. The agreement provides for the use of the franchisor's brand and products by the franchisee. The franchisor usually exerts strong control over the franchisee under the contract because the franchisor wishes to maintain a systematic way of making, marketing preserving and selling its brand. 

Can a majority owner fire a minority owner?

In Oregon - a state rife with startups and small businesses - many companies are closely held between few shareholders. In many of these companies, shareholders might also be employees. If the majority shareholder ends the employment of a minority shareholder, does the minority shareholder have to sell their portion of the business?

Considering a sole proprietorship during business formation

When looking to start a business, most Oregon entrepreneurs need to start small. Most companies are not overnight successes, but there is always room for growth. During business formation, choosing the right business entity is important. However, choosing one now does not mean that it cannot be changed in the future to better suit any growth that has occurred.

Oregon employment law gives recourse to those unfairly paid

Pay inequity is not a new issue, and many have been fighting for equal pay for decades. For example, it is common for a woman to earn 20 cents less than a man in the same position doing the same work. Lawmakers in Oregon recently passed a comprehensive employment law that holds employers accountable when they use race, gender or other protected classes as an excuse to pay unfair wages.

Business litigation: One way to handle internal company problems

Have you found yourself at odds with a business partner or an employee? Business owners in Oregon may find that resolving internal company problems is not always easy. If not handled the right way, it could affect the bottom line of your business, your other employees and your personal financial situation. When dealing with problems within your company you may find that alternative dispute resolution methods or business litigation are necessary to settle the conflict.

Protect yourself while forming your business partnership

As you form your company, you probably have high hopes for the success of your business. While you trust your chosen business partners, you also need to consider your interests in the event that your company fails, or you decide to part ways. A proper operating agreement may help protect you and your company.

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