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Bait-and-switch claims lead to business litigation

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Business Litigation

Customer satisfaction is often a top priority for Oregon business owners. Without being in their customers’ good graces, many companies may not hope to succeed. However, even successful companies can land in hot water when their customers believe that they have been duped. In fact, those customers could file lawsuits, but business litigation could get underway.

It was recently reported that movie ticket subscription provider MoviePass has had a lawsuit filed against the company by two subscribers. The service itself reportedly states that subscribers can pay a fee and then have the ability to go see any new movie in any theater once a day. However, the subscribers involved in the lawsuit believe that the company has used deceptive tactics to swindle customers.

The two individuals stated that they each paid $105.35 for year-long subscriptions to the service. However, they claim that they have only been able to watch three movies over a 10-month period. They also stated that the reason for this outcome is that the service indicated that there were no available showtimes in their area. They filed the class-action lawsuit, claiming that the advertising tactics did not reflect the actual usage of the service. MoviePass did not comment on the pending litigation.

Dissatisfied customers can often lead to more than just a bad review, as this case shows. Oregon business owners who have faced serious claims that have led to business litigation will certainly want to make sure that they handle their cases effectively. Fortunately, they can work closely with their legal counsel to ensure that they understand their best tactics for moving forward.