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Avoiding business litigation and protecting intellectual property

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2019 | Business Litigation

One of the most important steps for an Oregon business is to protect its intellectual property through strong trademarks. Having trademarks in place gives a business legal grounds to pursue recourse in the event of any type of copyright infringement. Infringement is a particularly serious issue for companies involved with industrial design, significantly increasing the chance of business litigation. 

Because of the sharp increase in the number trademarks currently held, it can be difficult to register a design without infringement on some aspect of a previously trademarked design. Once a business has a trademark, it is up to that company to monitor for actions that could potentially infringe on its property. This can be a complex process, but it is worthwhile to protect things such as designs and product plans.

Trademark infringement has the potential to lead to customer confusion, profit loss and other complications. There are many reasons why businesses would be wise to take quick action to trademark their industrial designs, even if they do not plan to immediately use the design. There are databases and other search tools available to help businesses monitor their trademarks and know if legal action may be necessary.

Protecting trademarks is essential, and companies are often at a loss as to how to move forward when infringement occurs. An Oregon business may want to work with an attorney experienced in business litigation matters to better understand the legal options available. Industrial designs, branding and other types of intellectual property are just as valuable as physical assets, and it is prudent to take necessary steps to protect them and fight for long-term business interests.