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Specific types of contracts for specific types of employees

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | Contracts

Oregon business owners understand there are various challenges associated with running a successful company. One of those challenges is dealing with the legal requirements that business owners have to address in order to protect the interests of their companies. This includes drafting strong and enforceable employee contracts. 

Employment contracts should match the needs and objectives of the company. It is possible to custom-tailor these agreements, allowing for the inclusion of specific terms that are important for the particular job or type of business. It is also important to have the right type of contract for specific types of employees. For example, independent contractors and full-time employees have different classifications, and therefore, they should have different types of contracts.

It is important to carefully spell out the terms of the relationship when working with an independent contractor. A good contract should spell out the obligations of both parties clearly, reducing the chance of conflict in the future. When hiring any type of employee, it is helpful to carefully review laws regarding classification to ensure the contract reflects that. Employee contracts are only beneficial when they are drafted and implemented properly.

One smart way for business owners to protect their interests is to work with an attorney who can help them draft strong contracts and enforce terms when necessary. When implemented in the right way, contracts are one of the most important tools an Oregon business has in the protection of its financial and legal interests. This type of legal agreement also significantly reduces the chance that a business owner will face conflict or litigation with a contractor or employee.