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Business and commercial law decisions: Contracts with NDAs

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Business & Commercial Law

Small business owners in Oregon are smart to take steps to protect their legal and financial interests as much as possible. One way to do this is by drafting strong contracts with employees. For some types of companies, it can be beneficial to include nondisclosure terms or have separate NDAs for workers. Business owners may want to speak with an attorney experienced in business and commercial law regarding these important matters.

The purpose of NDAs is to keep private company information where it belongs. Through these types of agreements, businesses can ensure that employees do not take proprietary with them when they leave the company. Despite what many business owners may assume, NDAs can be beneficial for all types of businesses for various types of situations.

These types of contracts can protect things like client lists, secret formulas, product designs, financial records and more. They are helpful tools, and they typically only valid for a certain amount of time after a worker leaves a company. These are important legal agreements, and it’s smart to have the right type of help when drafting them. NDAs often come under scrutiny, and an Oregon business owner will find it beneficial to make sure any type of employment contracts is enforceable.

It’s smart to have business and commercial law guidance for the many legal issues that business owners have to deal with. Contracts are a beneficial way to protect the company and outline expectations for the employee. An owner may want to seek an understanding of how NDAs work and the benefits they may offer his or her specific business.