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Business formation with the end in mind

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2019 | Business Formation

When an Oregon entrepreneur starts a business, he or she is usually only focused on immediate or short-term success. It takes a lot of effort to start and maintain a business, and true success is even harder to accomplish. For this reason, most people going through this process are not thinking about how they will eventually leave or sell their company. However, it can be prudent to go through the business formation process with the end in mind.

At the end of a career or at a time when a business owner is ready to move on, he or she may want to sell the company. Buyers are savvy, and they will do extensive digging into the financial history of the company, even looking at details from the earliest stages. This is one of the many reasons why business owners should be careful to follow tax laws and strive to be honest in every aspect of their operations.

Oregon business owners also need to look carefully at the choice they make for the structure of their business. The specific structure choice can significantly affect taxes upon sale and other factors that can impact a future transition, even if it is years later. Good choices in the beginning will pay off down the road.

The business formation process involves many important choices. These decisions will have a impact on the future sale of a company, which is why it can help to start with the end in mind. An owner may find it helpful to start by seeking experienced legal guidance from very beginning.