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The details in employment contracts are important

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2019 | Contracts

Oregon business owners can do certain things to protect the interests of their business. One of these things includes carefully outlining employee responsibilities and rights, as well as the role of the employer, in carefully drafted employment contracts. These agreements can not only make the employee-employer relationship better, they can help avoid future disputes. However, it’s crucial to be intentional about the details of these agreements. 

Many employers find it necessary to include non-compete clauses in their contracts. When considering the details of these contracts, it’s prudent to be as clear as possible about the terms of employment, such as how the employee will be compensated and how much access he or she will have to proprietary information. It’s also smart to be very clear about the duration of the non-compete clause and how long a former employee will be restricted by it. 

Finally, Oregon business owners will want to consider whether the non-compete clause is no longer valid outside of a certain area and what will happen if the employer sells the business in the future. These are important issues that can affect the validity and enforceability of a contract. The more clear and specific an employment contract is, the better. 

When drafting contracts, it is helpful to seek the guidance of an experienced business law attorney. This can ensure that a contract is enforceable and properly drafted. It is worthwhile to have the guidance necessary to avoid as many disputes as possible with former employees who may want to challenge a non-compete agreement.