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Businesses need people to “like” them, too

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2019 | Uncategorized

As an entrepreneur, you probably developed an incredibly creative product to market to your potential customers. And while you may love devoting time to refining your business plan or dreaming about your future success, you must actively develop brand loyalty.

With advances in technology also come changes in marketing. You might still be able to utilize traditional forms of advertising, such as a billboard or ad in the paper. However, if well executed, you can quickly form connections online.

Three ways social media can improve your bottom line

Depending on your age or background, you may think social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are for kids and, therefore, would not affect your business. However, many companies develop success based, in part, on their social media presence.

Some of the ways you can create a buzz on social media include:

  • Interact. Finding different ways to maintain an active social presence can maintain interest within your target market.
  • Tell your story. An emotional connection to a product or company can go a long way in creating loyalty.
  • Personalize your employees. Many people want to know who is leading a company, as well as what is important to them.

If you are unfamiliar with social media, you may want to delegate those responsibilities to someone who has more experience as an online influencer.

Onboarding someone to handle your social media accounts will require some additional resources. However, you could build momentum through getting people to “buy into” not only what you offer but why you approach it the way you do.

When you hone in on your target market, forming a group of people with similar values may be well worth the investment you make to keep them informed. And over time, their loyalty could exponentially increase your profits.