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Contracts provide security for commercial photographers

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2019 | Contracts

Starting out as a photographer is a difficult process, as many potential Oregon entrepreneurs find out. This is especially true for individuals who are interested in making a career in commercial photography. Things can be tricky when a person wants to make a living based on his or her personal skills, and there is significant benefit in using contracts for every paying job, even down to the smallest assignment. 

Many photographers have more of a creative mindset than an entrepreneurial one, which is why each photographer should know how to protect his or her legal and financial interests before starting. This includes being very clear about things such as the terms of the agreement, digital rights of images and what to expect at the time of the shoot. It’s always better to assume that the client does not understand the legal issues that apply to commercial photography.

When it comes to drafting formal legal contracts, being as specific as possible can help avoid potential disputes and problems. Depending on the nature of the job, a photographer may want to outline what to expect, the equipment he or she intends to bring, turnaround time for the images and more. Putting things in writing can also reduce the personal liability of the photographer in case something goes wrong.

Strong, well-drafted contracts are some of the most beneficial tools available to Oregon commercial photographers. Entrepreneurs may want to speak about their specific legal concerns and what should be in their contracts with an experienced business law attorney. This can help them understand the steps necessary to protect themselves from disputes and potential litigation.