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Using pre-made business contracts may not be smart

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2019 | Contracts

There are many factors that an Oregon business owner has to think about when starting a new business, including how to protect the business during transactions. One of the most important tools available to owners are business contracts, as these agreement can significantly reduce the chance of legal complications or financial loss. There are many options available, including pre-made or pre-printed contracts, but using them may not always be the smartest move.

It’s tempting to go for what’s easiest, but that is not necessarily what is best. For example, a pre-made contract may include terms that are either not related to the specific issue at hand or could actually expose the company to certain risks. While convenient, it is often most prudent for a business owner to draft contracts that are specifically suited to the needs of the business. 

In some cases, a pre-drafted contract can be a simple and effective choice. In simple transactions or transactions that are the same from one to the next, these agreements can save a business owner both time and money. However, there is benefit in carefully and thoroughly reviewing all of the terms of any contract, no matter how minor the transaction.

When used the right way, contracts can be some of the most effective and beneficial tools available to an Oregon business owner. If drafting a contract, signing a contract or reviewing a contract, there is benefit in seek experienced legal counsel. Careful review can ensure that a company is not agreeing to terms that could have a negative effect in the future.