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More women are starting the business formation process

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2019 | Business Formation

It’s not easy to start a business in Oregon and take the necessary steps for it to succeed. In the past, the small business world has been dominated by men, but recent numbers reveal that more women are starting the business formation process. Statistics find that four out of every 10 businesses started are owned and operated by women, and many of these are women of color.

Every day, an average of 1,800 new businesses are started by women. This means it is especially important for women to know how to protect their legal and financial interests during this process, and know what they can do to lay the foundation for continued success well into the future. Companies owned by women employ over nine million people across the United States, which amounts to around 8% of the private workforce.

Female entrepreneurs have a significant impact on the Oregon economy, as well as the entire American economy. Women who are starting a business would be wise to give careful consideration to specific aspects of the startup process, such as choosing the right entity, drafting employment contracts and taxes. These are critical choices that will impact the future operations of a company.

Business formation can be a complex process. A women who wants to start her own company will find that she can choose and make her own path to success, but she will also find it helpful to have experienced legal guidance along the way. Before launching a new business in Oregon, an entrepreneur may want to seek an assessment of specific legal needs and concerns for his or her business.