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Popular dairy farm facing business litigation over ads

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2019 | Business Litigation

Tillamook is a popular producer of dairy products and a well-loved tourist attraction in Oregon. The company says that most of its dairy product comes from small farms and that it has a commitment to treating animals well. However, some people claim that the advertisements from the company are not true, and as a result, the company is facing business litigation.

A lawsuit alleges that the the company does not actually get a lot of its dairy from small farms. Supposedly, much of it comes from a large producer that is actually the state’s biggest dairy farm. In the class action suit, filed by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the company is accused of deceiving buyers by hiding behind the claim that it uses small farms that are dedicated to animal welfare.

The two ads specifically mentioned in the lawsuit are those that say “Goodbye Big Food” and “Dairy Done Right.” The company denies any claims of wrongdoing and is fighting back against all of the claims made in the lawsuit. They said that they would aggressively defend the dairy company, but neither Tillamook or the Oregon Dairy Farmers Association had additional comments about the lawsuit.

Companies facing business litigation for any reason have the right to fight back against any allegations made against them and pursue a beneficial outcome to the situation. There is money and reputation on the line, and it is beneficial to have experience legal guidance for the entire defense process. At the first sign of a problem, a company may want to speak with an attorney about its options for defending its operations.